The 2022 book bingo reading challenge

Read more, read widely in 2022!

The 2022 book bingo reading challenge

I’ve really enjoyed hosting the book bingo challenge these last two years, and have been blown away by how many of you joined in! Thank you for all of your comments, emails and Instagram DMs through the year — I loved being a part of your reading journey! And of course, I’m hosting the book bingo challenge again in 2022!

Read on for all the details, changes, and additions this year.

The 2022 book bingo reading challenge

Here’s how this reading challenge works:

Choose your bingo journey: There are 25 prompts on the book bingo reading challenge. You get to decide how many you want to do.

2022 book bingo challenge prompts
Click image to download high-res bingo card

Go for the full house, which means you commit to reading 25 books in 2022.

Pick your rows: Choose a few rows and commit to finishing those during the year.

You can choose two horizontal or two vertical rows, for example, which would mean a commitment to read 10 books during the year.

If you choose one horizontal and one vertical row of books, that gives you 9 books for the year.

Or choose a combination of horizontal, vertical and diagonal rows – choosing 3 rows means a commitment to reading 12-13 books in 2022.

Simple, right?

Then, join in for a monthly check-in and/or read along with me in 2022.

Monthly check-ins for the 2022 book bingo reading challenge

There will be a monthly check-in, but this year, it’s optional. I want this challenge to be easy and fun, not something you need to jump through hoops to complete.

I will be writing a monthly round-up post or book review, which will go live on the 30th of every month, because I like to summarize my reading. You are welcome to join me, of course! Write your own round-up or review and drop a link in the monthly check-in post. OR simply tell us about the books you read or the one you loved the most in the comments.

If that’s too much, just download the book bingo card and track your progress {don’t you love crossing off books as you read them?}.

Psst…need reminders for the check-in? Join me in the Reader’s Nook {more details on that below}.

Read along with me

If you’re up for it, I’d love for you to share photographs of the books that you’re reading on Instagram. I’ve found some excellent books through the recommendations of other readers, and as a book lover, I’m eternally curious about what everyone else is reading! Please use the hashtag #bookbingowithMG to share your favorite books with me, or tag me on Instagram.

Follow me on Instagram at — I will be posting updates, book snippets, and more in my stories {and I’ll be saving all of it in my highlights}.

If you’d rather stay off social media, join me in the Reader’s Nook on SubStack. I’ll be sharing some reading highlights and bookish reflections there once a month.

I’d love it if you shared this challenge with your friends or on social media – just click to download some ready-for-you images that you can use on an Instagram post or an Instagram story — and don’t forget to tag me when you share!.

Want to get more involved? Then why not submit a guest post to my website? I would love to feature your book reviews or reading related articles through the year. Drop me an email at shinjini at moderngypsy . in letting me know which book you would like to review or outlining your post idea, and we will take it from there!

Posts should be 250 to 500 words long. Slightly longer is good, too.

All content must be original. I will not accept duplicate or syndicated content on my website. If your post has appeared anywhere else on the web, I will not publish it.

If you include any quotes, link to it. Book excerpts are fine — just make sure you’re not including spoilers!

Include a short, 4-5 sentence bio. You can include up to two links — to your website and/or social media profile.

I retain the right to edit your post for grammar and readability.

I will determine when and if your post will be published on my website, and I’ll let you know when the post is scheduled to go live.

Please feel free to promote your post through your social media, newsletter, or link to it from your blog.

You can even include a snippet of the post on your blog, with a link back to the original content on my website (this is important so that we both avoid duplicate content penalties).

Are you in?

Download the book bingo card here, and drop me a comment telling me you’re in!

I hope you’re as excited about this challenge as I am!

Do spread the word about Book Bingo 2022 {and don’t forget to use the hashtag #bookbingowithMG so I can find you} – the more the merrier, right? xx

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  2. I have a question about the “a book where the writer is the protagonist”, I’m not comprehending what this means. Will you give me some examples? Thank you.

    • Ah – it should have been “where a writer is a protagonist”. Some examples would be The Angel’s Game by Carlos Ruiz Zafon, The Paris Wife by Paula McLain, and Fractured by Catherine McKenzie. Happy reading!

  3. I have a question about the card (again). The square “against the backdrop of civil war”, does that mean any civil war? or is it implying the US Civil War?

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