Creative pep talk: Permission slip for artists

Because we all need permission slips from time to time.

On this episode of the Art with Soul podcast, I share a short and sweet creative pep talk for artists and creatives: a permission slip for your artist soul. Tune in!

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This is a permission slip for you

to create only for yourself,

or to hide all your paintings in a drawer until you feel comfortable sharing them.

This is a permission slip for you

to create your art for public consumption

or to sell your art

or to gift your art, or display your creations

or to leave your beautiful work on the sidewalk for strangers to find and enjoy.

This is a permission slip for you

to start selling your art,

to stop selling your art,

to never sell your art.

This is a permission slip for you

to paint every single day because it makes your soul sing

or to paint only when the mood strikes, because that’s just how you roll

to pack away your paints for a while, because you’d rather focus on something else.

This is a permission slip for you

to call yourself an artist even if you don’t create every day

even if no one sees your work

or if thousands of people see your work

if you’ve been to art school

or never had an art education

if you create, you are an artist.

This is a permission slip for you

to put up a do not disturb sign on your door

and loose yourself in your art.

This is a permission slip for you

to rest

to pause

to learn again

to start afresh

to paint over your art

to cut up your art and use it in something else.

This is a permission slip for you

use it as you will

use it in service of your art

use it in service of your heart

use it in service of your soul

use it to create the most beautiful, the most glorious art.

And yes, your life can be your art.

This is a permission slip for you.

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  1. Loved this post, Shinjini! Seems this was written for me especially!! Your words gave me the nudge that I so needed, to be able to pull myself up from feeling empty because I’ve not been creating any art for months now.
    Of course, my plate is full at the moment and I’m really struggling to make time for the bare essentials but you know what, if I’m really focused, I’ll probably find my way to do what the heart has been wanting to do for long. I’m pretty sure of that.
    Thank you so much for writing this post, Shinjini. I’m sure there are many like me who will find immense value in reading this.

    • So glad it gave you the nudge that you need to make some art. It can feel difficult when our plates are already full, but if the heart is longing for something, I do believe we can squeeze out some time for it. And when we do, I think we start to find an ease in the stress, too. That has been my experience!

  2. Hey Shinjini, nice to hear you. I totally agree that we need permission to do everything even for our own selves. It’s like we want to convince our subconscious mind that we are doing this purposefully and it will benefit all.
    Very aptly written.

  3. What a lovely lovely post. Thoughtful, soulful. The idea of creating with ease and comfort and joy is refreshing and strangely freeing.

  4. This is so beautiful, Shinjini. Looking at your work only I was motivated to get back to painting and it has been a while since I painted anything. Time to get something done. These affirmations are needed for every creative soul.

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