The 2023 Book Bingo reading challenge

Read more, read widely in 2023!

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It’s time for an all-new edition of the Book Bingo reading challenge! This reader favorite is back for a fourth consecutive year, and I couldn’t be more thrilled to be part of your reading journey once again!

Read on for all the details and some changes this year.

The 2023 Book Bingo reading challenge

There are three main parts to this reading challenge: choose your bingo journey + join the Reader’s Nook + track your progress.

Here’s how this reading challenge works:

Choose your bingo journey: There are 25 prompts on the book bingo reading challenge. You get to decide how many you want to do.

2023 book bingo reading challenge prompts
Click image to download high-res bingo card

Go for the full house, which means you commit to reading 25 books in 2023.

Pick your rows: Choose a few rows and commit to finishing those during the year.

You can choose two horizontal or two vertical rows, for example, which would mean a commitment to read 10 books during the year.

If you choose one horizontal and one vertical row of books, that gives you 9 books for the year.

Or choose a combination of horizontal, vertical and diagonal rows – choosing 3 rows means a commitment to reading 12-13 books in 2023.

Simple, right?

Then, join me in The Reader’s Nook, a cozy corner devoted to all things bookish.

But what is The Reader’s Nook?

The Reader’s Nook is a simple, monthly bookish newsletter, where I send book recommendations based on the year’s Book Bingo prompts, and tell you about all the books I read during the month and the ones that are on my wish list — and why. And since I read a lot more than 25 books a year, my reading lists aren’t limited to the Book Bingo prompts!


You should probably know that I read almost anything and everything: fiction, non-fiction, eagerly anticipated releases and lesser known books, the new, the old, and the oversaturated — so you’re sure to find some interesting recommendations and suggestions every month, no matter what kinds of books you like to read!

There will also be fun little extras, like a round-up of things I’m watching and loving, a poem of the month, some bookish quotes, and other fun little snippets.

From time to time, I will also surprise you with a bookish deep dive on a book that captured my attention. Think quotes, curated author interviews, articles, and reviews from around the internet.

Sounds good? Come on over to The Reader’s Nook!

Keep track of the 2023 Book Bingo reading challenge

Tracking your progress on the reading challenge is super simple: Simply create a dedicated shelf for this challenge on Goodreads and make sure that your profile is not private. Then drop a link to your shelf/profile in the comments, so we can all follow one another to find more bookish recommendations!

Here’s my Goodreads shelf. Follow me or add me as a friend there!

If you don’t use Goodreads, simply track your progress on your bingo card {don’t you love crossing off books as you read them?} and join in on the recommendation threads that I will host from time to time in the Reader’s Nook.

Ready to join the 2023 Book Bingo reading challenge?

Download the book bingo card here

Come join me in The Reader’s Nook.

Drop me a comment telling me you’re in! Please include a link to your Goodreads shelf too.

Share the challenge with your friends. Send them a link to this post, or simply click to download some ready-for-you images that you can use on an Instagram post or an Instagram story — and don’t forget to tag me when you share! The more the merrier, right? xx

Happy reading!

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    • Wonderful! So great to have you join in again. Hope to see you on Goodreads (drop a link to your 2023 book bingo shelf or send me a friend request there) or in the Reader’s Nook. Happy reading! 🙂

  1. I should join in, but my reading habits are more along the lines of, “Oooh, that looks good,” in the moment than they are planned out. But I’ll consider these as suggestions, and if I read more than a few, I’ll yell out “BINGO!”

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